We serve a wide range of lawyers and legal service providers while preparing a customized plan for each one as values and goals differ across practice areas.


With our method of tracking variation in legal work we are leading the way in legal process improvement. With the new normal affecting law firms of every size, lawyers everywhere need that competitive edge. 

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Law Firm Economics; How to structure your law firm to adapt and thrive in the changing legal market.



Artifex Legal Consulting


We employ one of the only Six Sigma Black Belts who is a licensed attorney with a J.D. as well as a LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law.  We believe every legal practice is unique. As such, we work from the bottom up starting with identifying what the value of your practice is from your clients perspective. From there we go to the Gemba, to where the work happens, to collaborate with the actual staff and time keepers to help solve problems and reduce waste in a practical way. 

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