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 Practical Advice

Our advice goes to the heart of the problem. We don't offer or claim any quick fix solutions, but the advice you get will be practical, useful, and not devalue the work of lawyers and staff.  


02. Client and Attorney Focused Improvements 

The goals of our improvements are focused on the attorneys who do the work and the clients whom the work is for. Improvement of a process that the client see no value in is a waste of resources, and an improvement that attorneys reject will not last.  


03. To Maintain the Ideal of Law as Both an Art and a Business  

The idea that the practice of law as we know it can be automated out of existence is nonsense. There is too much art in our craft. However, the notion that the practice of law is not a business and can not be broken out into a system or process of legal work is also nonsense. 


Customized process improvement and systems analysis.


Artifex Legal Consulting can help your firm or legal department, remove waste, find time, and save money through our process improvement techniques. 

We believe that the true quality of legal work comes from the practitioners and the process of the legal work is simply a frame to help the practitioners through greater consistency, reduced busy work, and less re-work.

This allows lawyers and staff alike to focus more on creative, non-repeatable, unique areas of legal work to produce better quality work and provide higher value to clients.  

From AM100 firms, to legal departments of multibillion dollar companies, we can help you meet the goals of you and your clients. 

Artifex Legal Consulting


practical solutions with an understanding of the practice

Micah J. Ascano

Principal of Artifex Legal Consulting, Micah is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and licensed attorney. He is known for he innovative work with Control Charts.

With his unique background he is one of only a handful of people who can appreciate the art that is the practice of law as well as the law as a business and industry. Micah is a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation, Adjunct Faculty at the Legal Lean Sigma Institute, and a regular contributor to various legal practice management focused publications.